Brassica Mustard

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With 18 years of production under it’s belt, Brassica Mustard has become a recognized and respected brand, offering a line of mustard products that have set a new standard for both chefs and home cooks to appreciate. It is a high quality Alberta-made food product that enjoys tremendous popularity amongst discerning condiment geeks and food professionals far and wide.

Using the strengths of his unique repertoire of ingredients, Eric is hard at work in creating another round of new flavours for Brassica fans to enjoy. And if you know anything about the proclivities of Eric’s palate, you have a good idea where this explorations are headed!

Local Fanfare!

“This will change the way you think about mustard.” 
– Barbeques Galore Catalogue

Smooth and mellow, this is a classy local product.” 
– City Palate Taste , 44 great things about Calgary

“We grow the stuff for the world.   Finally, someone is doing something wonderful with it.” 
– Dee Hobsbawn-Smith, Avenue Magazine, Best Food Products

“It’s Prairie perfection!”
– Cinda Chavich, Avenue Magazine, 25 Best Things to Eat in the City

“…the local chef is in serious jeopardy of becoming Colonel Mustard to many of his fans of this tart condiment.”
– John Gilchrist, Calgary Herald, Taste

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