Black Pepper

Slowly dry aged to enhance it’s flavour and texture. Prepared using hand ground Alberta pork shoulder and leg along with 3 types of black pepper and wine. Expertly crafted for unparalleled quality and taste.

Calabrian Chilies and Garlic

Using the best chillies imported from Calabria region in Italy. Crafted with the best Albertan ingredients while using Italian techniques, they have created a spicy salami true to it’s Italian roots that pack a ton of bold flavours.



Organic Fennel

Calgary has no shortage of great salumi, and the fennel seed salami from Salt Craft is one of the greatest. Firm, coarse and buttery, studded with fennel seed, this particular finocchiona is perfect for nibbling with your favourite crackers. Created using organic fennel pollen and seeds along with a blend of house spices. Using only the pork shoulder for a perfect meat to fat ratio, they dry age this salami for up to 4 weeks.