MitoTribe: a family of Mitochondriacs

Mitochondriacthe self-proclaimed name taken by individuals who are obsessed the state of their mitochondria!

Without knowing, my initial foray into becoming a Mitochondriac came when I first heard of "butter coffee" and high-fat diets while listening to an early Joe Rogan podcast around 2013. Faced with the pressures of a quickly growing business and the challenges of being a new father, I was on the hunt for ways to prompt my body into accessing higher states of performance and cognition. The cook in me found the notion of drinking a fat and caffeine-laden breakfast beverage incredibly enticing and since I'm consistently attracted to iconoclastic behaviour I quickly decided to give the butter-brew concoction a try… The rest is history - it became the way that I began my day for the next several years. Nutritional ketosis was an absolute game-changer for me and life would never be the same.

I am sincerely thankful for being able to dive deeper into the nuts and bolts of nutritional ketosis and the high-fat lifestyle via practicing neurosurgeon, Dr. Jack Kruse; his combining studies of epigenetics and a deep-evolution paleo approach connected some important dots for me, bringing a proper context to the vast and incredible benefits of intermittent fasting and the important role of DHA in the development of the human brain. His work also introduced me to another strange new love: cold-thermogenesis, which in turn got me interested in quantum biology and undoubtedly the most important bio-hack of all: LIGHT. Find the fruits of his latest endeavours here at The Kruse Longevity Centre.

The power expressed in modifying one's light environment in order to regain control over one's circadian rhythm is monumental! It pushes any advances made through food and dietary changes into a distant secondary, or even tertiary position. By establishing a healthy relationship to photons we subsequently access the extraordinary capacity of the human body to harvest and integrate it's first food: the SUN. From this undeniable truth arise 2 important injunctions:

1) get morning sun every single day onto your skin and into your eye-holes

2) block as much artificial light from your eyes and skin as possible once the sun goes down (and during the day if you’re serious!)

3) get as much fish, oysters and DHA-laden food into your pie-hole as humanly possible! This practice will help turn your skin into a kind of “meat-sack solar array”, capable of taking in the nutrients offered to us daily by our electric Sun and all of the proper signalling that your brain and nervous system require for optimal health. Anything less is not worth living.  

Due to these crucial changes in lifestyle and daily practice, I now find myself 50lbs lighter and able to work for bizarrely extended periods, at times without food and without any drop in mental acuity. I will personally attest to the claims that ketosis inducing properties of the high-fat diet and exposure of the body to cold temperatures offers a substantial increase in strength and endurance of body and mind. So although I do still sell a handful of supplements and geeky performance foods, every single customer that comes in gets read the riot act on becoming a lighting expert and the benefits of exercising our natural photo-electric capabiltities, aka mammalian photosynthesis. As such, my modest little retail store is now a meeting place for many of our city's growing community of butter and light worshipping bio-hackers.