Phil & Sebastian



2 lbs, Single Origin Espresso from Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters

While with there R2, R3, and Limited Release coffees you are ordering a specific origin, there approach to the R1 coffees is a little different. The coffee is still single-origin, sourced direct from individual farms and co-ops, and follows the same rigorous quality standards Phil and Sebastian obsess over, but they roast all there R1 coffees for a consistent flavour profile. They select sweet coffees that are approachable, chocolatey, nutty, and with lower acidity. These are what you would expect from a classic coffee, but elevated. Look for offerings from Costa Rica, Honduras, and Guatemala (to name a few).


Decaf doesn’t have to suck. Phil and Sebastian have worked incredibly hard to find a decaf coffee that even the most conscientious coffee lover would drink. There decaf coffee goes through the Swiss Water process to make it an excellent alternative for the caffeine-conscious.

The Swiss Water method was developed by our friends at Swiss Water in Burnaby, BC. Although their exact process is proprietary, the general principle of Swiss Water decaffeination is that the green coffee is passed through water that is saturated in coffee flavour compounds and oils extracted from the same batch of green coffee. The green coffee is soaked in this saturated solution and the caffeine is extracted (through temperature and time) until 99.9% of the original caffeine content has been eliminated. The key to this method is the saturated solution because if plain water was used, the flavour compounds and oils would be extracted along with the caffeine, leaving tasteless decaffeinated green coffee.