I first came to hear of "butter coffee" while listening to a podcast with the Bulletproof Exec shortly after moving into my current warehouse. Faced with the pressures of a quickly growing business and the new challenges of becoming a father, I had been on the hunt for ways to hack into my body to access higher states of performance and cognition. 

The cook in me found the notion of drinking a fat and caffeine-laden breakfast beverage incredibly enticing and since I'm consistently attracted to iconoclastic behaviour I quickly decided to give the butter-brew concoction a go. It became the way that I began my day for the next years.

I sincerely thank Bulletproof for introducing me to nutritional ketosis and the vast benefits of intermittent fasting. I now find myself 50lbs lighter and can attest to the claims that the ketosis inducing properties of the high-fat approach offers those curious enough to try it a substantial increase in strength and endurance of body and mind. I did not buy the company I did jump at the chance to bring their product line in for our city's growing community of butter-worshipping bio-hackers.